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Founded in 1997 at the European Center of Innovative Enterprises (CEEI), we are a pioneer industrial group in solar energy in Europe with an office in Valencia, Spain. Throughout our 20 years of experience working worldwide, we have developed a production process and know-how whose result is a certified product of high quality and multiple finishes, which we commercialize and distribute worldwide by our commercial network.

We have several warehouses in EU with for example 2 located in Belgium which are perfect for the transport to all the parts of the Benelux. As an European module manufacturer we are also flexible for manufacturing of special dims with for example glass glass panels.

In Eurener we like the direct and continuous dealings with our partners and clients. Therefore, we have a large and experienced commercial department that can assist you in different languages.

In this way we offer a global and totally personalized service, in order to obtain the best service and product according to your needs: industrial cover, architectural integration, residential installation.

Thanks to an experienced technical staff, our highly robotized production lines and our industrial partners, we are able to manufacture polycrystalline and monocrystalline photovoltaic modules with different finishes, from standard modules to high transparency modules, to black finishing or other colors.

More than energy.

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Maart 2023

Certificeringsregeling in de maak bij InstallQ: ‘Licence to operate voor zakelijke pv-projecten’ iMVO-convenant hernieuwbare energie klaar: ‘Zonne-energiesector mag ogen niet sluiten, niks doen geen optie’ NIYATA...
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