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Solar Magazine is the leading independent multimedia platform for the solar industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. Every 2 months, the trade journal contains extensive news and background articles (circulation of 22,352 copies). The website (almost 9 million unique visitors in 2022) offers the most current market information with a daily news section and a newsletter that appears twice a week (27,202 subscribers).

Storage Magazine is the largest news platform in the Benelux for decision makers in the energy storage sector; with a bimonthly magazine and a online news blog (which is part of the Solar Magazine website) including a monthly newsletter.

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The trade journals Solar Magazine en Storage Magazine are distributed to entrepreneurs, policy makers, politicians, intermediaries, industry representatives, researchers and education professionals. But it’s also at construction companies, architects, installation companies, farmers, (energy) consultancies and machine builders. You can read the complete reader profile of the circulation of 22,352 copies in the media kits:

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Nu in Het Tijdschrift

Mei 2024

De mei 2024-editie van Solar Magazine besteedt onder meer aandacht aan de nieuwe toekomst van de salderingsregeling, flexibele exportlimieten voor pv-systemen, de steeds langere garanties op zonnepanelen, de grootschalige introductie van perovskietzonnepanelen en de rol van zonne-energie in de Vlaamse verkiezingen.

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