Nr. 2755, Sanlu Rd., Minhang Dist. 201112
Dong Chen

Afore New Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Afore is a leading PV string inverter provider from China, with more than ten years dedicated experience in PV string inverter R&D and manufacturing, Afore inverters have been installed in Europe, UK, Australia, China, Indian, Japan, North America and South America, satisfying hundreds of thousand users globally.

We provide single and three-phase high-efficiency PV string inverters for a capacity of 1kW to 60kW, storage inverter and all-in-one storage products. All of our inverters are integrated with smart monitoring system.

We not just offering good products, but also high-efficient local support to our partners and users throughout the inverter life span. Make sure the customers receive reliable returns by choosing Afore!

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Juni 2024

De juni 2024-editie van Solar Magazine is verschenen. Het tijdschrift bevat artikelen over de toekomst van de Nederlandse pv-markt, het potentieel van de directe lijn, balkonzonnepanelen en het verhogen van het zelfverbruik.

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