Energieplatz 1
9556 Liebenfels (Oostenrijk)
Contact: Dieter Adametz
Telefoon: +43 4215 93 056
Fax: +43 4215 93 056-222

Energetica Industries GmbH

Energetica Industries, headquartered in Austria is technology leader in Europe producing intelligent PV modules, the latest most advanced technology in electronics embedded in the PV module for shadow and temperature management. Energetica received, by Eurosolar, European Solar Association, the Solar Award 2020 for its zero-emission factory powered only from renewable sources, own intelligent solar PV plant, biomass plant and hydro plant.

Energetica modules have been tested beyond market standards resulting in 96,3 % performance after 25 years reaching the highest watt classes in Europe and worldwide in 12 BB technology, with up to 10.600 Pa, performing beyond expectations in real-life installations.

The company was founded 25 years ago by Rene Battistutti, a visionary, whose vision was always to bring to the market the most revolutionary products and whose mission was always to contribute in everything the company does, to clean energy avoiding CO2 emission even in the company’s car fleet consisting of Tesla electric vehicles.

Energetica’s patented solutions, e.ISP smart electronics for optimizing performance and keeping the module temperature low to prevent overheating and ensure long lifespan, as well as biodegradable wrapping foil and patented solution  e.Stak for transport to ensure safe, easy handling and no transport-induced micro-cracks are just a beginning of a series of patents that will change the photovoltaic industries and the expectations of investors and end users in terms of durability, longevity and performance of a solar module.

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