Solarplaza Summit The Netherlands

27 mei 2024Congres

Facing grid capacity constraints, political shifts, regulatory changes, and challenges to traditional PV business models, the Dutch solar industry must reinvent itself to maintain the right pace for the energy transition. Evolving along with the industry, we’re inviting you to join us for a reimagined 2024 edition of the Solarplaza Summit Netherlands, the biggest solar energy conference in the country! 

Having branched out with separate local events dedicated to PPAs and Energy Trading in 2023, Solarplaza is bringing everything together for a bigger-than-ever combined event in 2024, covering all the essential topics for you to remain successful in the Dutch solar market. The three dedicated event tracks will cover (track 1) the new reality for PV project development; (track 2) the closing, structuring, and handling of PPAs; and (track 3) how to play the power markets to your best advantage.

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